LED Panels

LED Panel is electronic board with multiple channels. Each channel can be source of light of different color or color temperature. Channels can be dimmed independently by LED Driver.

Number of Channels

We offer LED Panels with 2 or 3 channels. These channels can be dimmed individually. For example, if first channel is Cold White and second channel is Warm White, any daylight conditions can be simulated from sunrise to sunset.

More channels are available on request.


Different colors or white color temperatures are available on our LED Panels. There are many uses for different colors, as indicated in the following list:

  • White, any temperature from cold through neutral to warm. Allows simulating any daylight conditions from sunrise to sunset.
  • Red, increases alertness.
  • Blue, pacifies.
  • Green, including Lime, simulates forest floor conditions, which is preferable lighting for many living beings.
  • Ultra-Violet (UV). Safely sterilize using very low intensity light output over long periods of time. No harmful side-effects.

Common Color Combinations


  • Warm White, Warm White
  • Warm White, Cold White
  • Cold White, Cold White
  • White, Red
  • White, Blue


  • Daylight White, Lime Green, UV
  • Warm White (left section), Warm White (right section), Red (both left and right sections)

Other color combinations are available on request.

To discuss your specific needs please contact us.