LED Drivers

LED Driver is electronic board that drives the LED Panel and it allows control equipment to dim individual light channels on LED panel (different colors or different white color temperatures).

All of our LED Drivers share some common features:

  • Very high efficiency (up to 95%) offering significant energy savings.
  • Multiple built-in protections that ensure safe light operation even in case of hardware failures.
  • Full-range dimming from 0 to 100 %.
  • Different dimming curves that offer improved dimming performance at low dimming levels where human eye is especially sensitive (up to 1% of measured light output).


We offer different control options:

  • Analog, 1-10 Volt Current Sink
    • up to 64 LED lights on a single control line
    • 2 wires, any cable, preferably shielded
    • low-cost but susceptible to noise
  • Digital, DALI
    • up to 64 lights on a single control line
    • 2 wires, any cable
    • isolated
    • diagnostics information
    • low-cost but slow – only 1,200 bits per second
  • Wireless, Proprietary Mesh Technology
    • Up to 258 lights on a single wireless network
    • high data throughput
    • diagnostics information
    • low cost, fast, requires dedicated Gateway device

Other control options such as DMX/RDM are possible and can be developed on request.

Number of Channels

In terms of channels we offer 2 and 3 channel LED Drivers. Which LED Driver will be used is determined by number of channels on LED Panel. LED Drivers with more output channels can be developed on request.

Output Power

We offer LED Drivers with up to 40 W of LED output power.

Higher output power ratings are possible (up to 120 W) and can be developed on request.

LED Drive Methods

All LED Drivers are available in both PWM and Flicker-Free LED drive versions.

  • PWM
    • low-cost
    • consistent light output across entire dimming range
    • consistent color across entire dimming range
    • might cause health issues due to invisible flickering of lights when PWM frequency bellow 1 kHz is used – we offer frequencies up to 16 kHz to mitigate this
  • Flicker-Free
    • zero flicker, visible or invisible, healthiest light output possible
    • negligible light output inconsistency at very low dimming levels
    • negligible color inconsistency at very low dimming levels

Hybrid LED drive is also available on request. In hybrid mode, Flicker-Free is used down to 12.5% of measured light output. Bellow 12.5% PWM is used.

To discuss your specific needs please contact us.