Lab Technician (Electronics)

SWITechnology is expanding its team in Belgrade and we are looking for Lab Technician: working from office, flexible work hours, competitive compensation package, full-time employment.

Position Lab Technician (Electronics)
Location Office (Belgrade, Serbia)

Job Description

  • Collaborating with interdisciplinary Agile team (electronics, mechanics, software, management).
  • Prototyping electronics:
    • Assisted manual stencil printing.
    • Assisted manual SMD placement.
    • Operating automatic reflow oven.
    • Manually soldering TH components.
  • Programming electronics with firmware using various hardware & software tools.
  • Performing electrical tests on electronics:
    • Digital Multi-Meter: voltage, current, resistance.
    • Oscilloscope: AC noise, frequency, duty cycle, timing and sequencing.
    • Power Meter: voltage, current, power.
    • LibreOffice Writer: writing Electrical Test Report.
  • Performing thermal tests on electronics:
    • Attaching thermal probes to electronics using thermally conductive glue, curing with oven.
    • Thermal Data Logger: labeling and logging data.
    • Thermal Camera: defining measurement points, taking photos.
    • LibreOffice Calc: creating data table and charts.
    • LibreOffice Writer: writing Thermal Test Report.
  • Performing EMC tests on electronics:
    • Spectrum Analyzer: testing electromagnetic performance using near-field probes.
    • LibreOffice Writer: writing EMC Test Report.
  • Building test jigs:
    • Mechanical construction.
    • Electrical wiring.
  • Inventory management using Pantheon ERP.
  • Providing support to external laboratories during product certification.
  • Modifying electronics.
  • Modifying mechanics.
  • Presenting test reports to the team.
  • Keeping track of the industry news on a daily basis.
  • Learning and advancing knowledge in specific areas of interest.


Mandatory Requirements

All of the following requirements must be satisfied.

  • The candidate must be capable of working both independently and in a team environment and demonstrate the ability to plan, execute and take ownership of assigned projects.
  • Perfect eye sight.
  • Steady hand, ability to manipulate very small objects.
  • Ability to read schematics and recognize variety of electronic components.
  • Experience with soldering both TH and SMD components.
  • At least high school education, preferably electronics.
  • English language knowledge both written and spoken is mandatory.

Essential Requirements

If you satisfy anywhere between 60% to 80 % of these requirements at intermediate or advanced level you should apply for this job. Requirements that you don’t satisfy are simply learning opportunities since you’ll be doing this on a daily basis.

  • Solid understanding of major electronic components, both passive and active.
  • Experience with programming firmware on any platform, e.g. Arduino.
  • Advanced use of Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Digital Multi-Meter.
  • Basic understanding of various interfaces: USART, SPI, I2C, RS-485.
  • Basic understanding of both linear and switch mode power supplies.
  • Basic understanding of digital electronics, especially MCU based circuits.

Considered a plus

These are not requirements but will be considered a plus.

  • Portfolio of Do-It-Yourself or professional projects involving electronics.
  • Ability to read and write code in any of programming languages, most notably C/C++ and Python.

Work Conditions

  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Full-time job.
  • Work from office.
  • Flexible work hours.
  • Very interesting projects in a high-tech industry.
  • Opportunity to make a personal contribution.
  • Motivated and open-minded colleagues in a cooperative working environment.
  • Professional and non-bureaucratic cooperation.

About Us

We are international company offering many opportunities for professional growth. Our company was built around extraordinary individuals, which is why we value our people, their ideas, commitment and needs. For almost 20 years we design, develop, market and sell our own products for professional and industrial markets.

How to apply?

  • In order to be considered for this position, you need to submit your resume in English to
  • We ask all candidates to name their applications by name and surname.
  • Additional documentation is welcome, but is not mandatory and does not have to be in English.
  • Candidates might be contacted before deadline expires.
  • Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.