Poultry Production LED Lights

Poultry Production LED Lights

Using SWITechnology LED lights in poultry production offers many benefits, most importantly in terms of lower costs and higher yield.

High energy efficiency of our LED lights compared to traditional lighting solutions offers energy savings of up to 50%.

Robust enclosure that is moisture and dust proof guarantees lower maintenance costs with estimated service life of 50,000 hours. Innovative modular design of our LED lights also makes them serviceable – any part of the light can be easily replaced.

Advanced optics distributes light evenly across the floor. When lights are placed at equal distance from each other there are no dark spots between them. This uniform distribution of light allows use of minimal number of LED lights thus driving the costs down even further.

Different colors or different white color temperatures available on our lights allow advanced applications for improved well-being of poultry.

  • Using two white light channels, one warm and one cold, entire daylight cycle can be simulated from sunrise to sunset.
  • Alertness can be raised with red light to resolve brawl.
  • Poultry can be pacified with blue light, prior to removal from the barn.
  • Very low intensity UV light over long periods of time can be used for disease prevention since it disinfects the floor.
  • Specific combination of colors, such as white and lime green can simulate forest floor lighting, which is preferable lighting for poultry and closest to their natural habitat.

Finally, with our flicker-free technology, light output is guaranteed to have zero visible or measurable flicker offering highest quality of light available.

Most of the benefits discussed here are simply impossible to achieve with traditional lighting. It takes innovative, precise, flicker-free dimming of multi-channel LED lights to achieve all of these benefits, which is exactly what SWITechnology specializes in.